About Us

Our Brand:

We are a secondhand vintage clothing resale shop. We are just getting started to we don't have out brick and mortar YET.

Our goal is source authentic vintage pieces that are environmentally conscious and speak to your individual style!

Our Misc. name embodies the variety of inventory we have collected: from single stitched T-shirts with your favorite sports time or cartoon character, to the coziest embroidered denim jacket, there's a little something for EVERYONE!

Shop through our site for our products or come visit us at our next pop-up under events!



We are a very new company.  We opened our metaphorical doors in October of 2022.  Thad, our collector and owner, sources his products from all over!  He searches for high quality pieces, well known vintage brands, and specialty novelty finds.  Whitney, manages our social media and Marketing.  Come meet them at any event or reach out and contact us HERE!photo of the founders